No grand introductionS needed.

We do social media for mining companies. We know it’s hard to find social media people who can make mining interesting. we EVEN fired A few people because they didn’t know what A Porphyry WAs! Just kidding... but we know Mining, and so should your social media PEOPLE; AND thats no joke!

We are a startup with a collab of social media and mining experts. We’ve (personally) beEN in the industry for more than a decade, in the heart of vancouver (the mining IPO HUB). We’ve probably even walked by Each other on the street!

And we are always down for a drink at CACTUS (OR pac)!
HERE'S WHY you need social media.
By the numbers:
new investors opened A brokerage account
LAST two years alone.
USE social media
on a daily basis.
Get news from social media
on a daily basis.
will make an investment decision based on online information.
will make an investment decision based on online community.
*Stats based off CHATGPT
Simplicity in Service
availability: We provide 24/7 same-day/next-day service to accommodate regulatory constraints, ensuring the best distribution results. We will be on-call using any messaging service.
payments: Our payment process is hassle-free and automated. We accept ALL major credit cards and promptly email invoices. For yearly purchases, we accept wire transfers or e-transfers.
confidentiality: We understand the need for strict confidentiality. our local team ensures information stays secure and gossip-free.
approvals: We will seek approvals for draft posts and carefully schedule their release to ensure on-time delivery with attention to regulatory compliance.
efficiency: we will prioritize saving time by learning and creating effective workflow between us and your team though constant IMPROVEMENT.
Team at Work
Matthew Semik
"Hello, I aM the founder and CEO of mining socials! I'm excited about your interest our UNIQUE services. With 15 years of digital experience, I've dedicated my career to team building, crafting influential brands, and streamlining & ENHANCING business operations. I'm here to support you with branding and digital strategy challenges. Reach out anytime, and let's discuss your vision!"
Aaron Missere
"Hello, I am the chief client relations officer at mining Socials! Over the last five years, I've been fortunate to partner with Matt in creating Departures Capital, a thriving digital investor community. Together, we've focused on producing engaging and visually appealing investment content and effective digital services. In addition to my daily business duties, I prioritize building long-lasting client relationships. I'm passionate about exploring the nuances of the finance industry and fully dedicated to providing significant value to our clients."   
Alex Dunatov
"Hey, I am the chief sales strategist at mining socials. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm passionate about creating effective sales strategies and dedicated to improving partnerships through innovative networking. I have a strong grasp of connecting people with the right companies and brands. Meaningful conversations fuel my enthusiasm, and I approach things strategically with unwavering ambition."
Kenneth Macias
"Hello i'm the cheif content manager at mining socials! I'm relatively new to the industry, but I'm fully dedicated to delivering top-notch results. I tackle every task professionally, always aiming for excellence. My strong perfectionist drive motivates me to excel, and I'm genuinely eager to expand my knowledge in content creation and management. My main goal is to continuously enhance my expertise in this field."
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